Yesterday, we spent the morning at Children’s for both of our girl’s heart clinics…

As you can see, little M loves this, and tiny P is still unenthused.

Little M did great…as always. She loves heart clinic days, and the attention she gets. She loves the sonogram, and the EKG, and the milkshake she gets after we are done.

Tiny P wants them to give her a sticker and leave her alone.

Little M’s heart is looking good…she doesn’t have to go back for a year! This is huge, since we were pretty sure that she would need to start going every six months now. But her valve regurgitation (leakiness) has not gotten worse in the past months, which is great news. The hope will still be that she will be able to make it for a few more years before she needs to have that valve replaced.

Her little heart works super hard… especially on the right side, which has gotten quite a bit larger than the left. Her heart has to work 1 1/2 times harder than normal, so her walking is like my running. No wonder she gets tired and needs a break just walking into school!

Clearly, she is comfortable in the cardiology clinic, though…

Tiny P did not get such good news, unfortunately… this was her first echo post heart surgery, and we were hoping that it would show that her valve looked great and surgery was successful. Rather, the echo showed that her valve still has some significant regurgitation (leakiness). The cardiologist discussed this with the surgeon, and they decided to do another echo in June, followed by a heart catheterization. Then, based on those results, they will discuss how to move forward.

Our tiny P is very complex, and no one is quite sure what the best options are or will be. So for now we will be doing a lot of waiting, and hoping, and praying… and we will be enjoying our girl as much as we can.
Please pray that we can keep her out of the hospital for the next couple months!


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  2. Gail Viechnicki on April 11, 2015 at 8:31 pm

    I will continue to pray for Paisley and for all your adorable babies!

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