Her Art…

My name is M. I like to color a lot, because we can make pictures of things. 

A purple brachiosaurus. Because it’s her fave.

I am snoring when I sleep in the tent, and sometimes our mommy reads to us with stories. We cover our window so the sun do not wake us up. That way we can sleep. We are really tired if we bring along books and we start to sleep. And our mom will be surprised. 

The picture that goes with the above story…

Her Summer list…

Play with my toys
Play tag
Sleep over
Eat ice cream
Swim in the pool
Read books
Relax in the sun
Picnic in the tent
(I love these stories and this list…but we don’t own a tent! ha!)

She drew this for me so I would know what was going on with the mealworms at school…
They eat carrots…they are a worm… they poop…and they turn to a beetle. Cracks me up that the beetle has a question mark.

A fairy casting a… you guessed it… a spell!

A chameleon…

Dear mommy, I love you. you are so sweet. 

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