Little M is developing quite the sense of humor… she cracks us up everyday with the things she says.

Sometimes she doesn’t realize she’s being funny…the things she says are just so cute!

The morning after halloween when I woke her up, she opened her eyes, and said “hi mommy, wheresa my candy?”
The other day she went to lean against a chair, missed the chair, and sat down hard on the floor. I snickered a little bit, and went to help her up. She looked at me indignantly, and said, “that mean! Mommy laughing mean!” I had to apologize several times, haha.
A couple weeks ago when we came downstairs for breakfast, little M said she wanted chocolate. We went back and forth several times about what she could and couldn’t have for breakfast, and I finally held up two fingers, and told her she had two choices: cereal, or muffin. She lifted up my third finger and exclaimed “three! chocolate!” She had cereal.
We talk about being disappointed when things don’t go our way, or hurt feelings when we are upset. Now little M says, when she is told no or not allowed to do what she wants, that she has “hot feelers.” It cracks me up every time!
Sometimes she definitely knows she is funny…
We were in the car last week, and little M kept saying a word, then she told me to say it. She asked me to say “awbow,” and when I said it, she started laughing and told me “that not a word, mommy!”
She is so cute, and we are really enjoying this little bit of developing conversation with our girl.
She is pretty much the funniest, most wonderful kid I know!


  1. jessica on November 12, 2011 at 4:45 am

    What a cute little girl M is! Love the funny stuff children say-they are truly hilarious!

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