I Love Home…

I love being in China… I love it’s beauty, and traditions, and I love learning more about our children’s rich and colorful heritage.

But I also love coming home. I capital L love being home.

I love seeing the beauty of our children’s provinces, and hearing about the traditions and seeing the landmarks each province is known for… and I look forward to visiting again with my children.

But you guys…I love my home. I love being home, and my introverted little self loves the quiet of home. I love not being in a hotel with hundreds of other people, and I love eating breakfast in my home, instead of with all of those people.

I love having potable water, and not having to worry about my kids accidentally drinking from a faucet… but I miss having a hundred choices at my breakfast buffet every morning.

I love traveling, but I so enjoy being home… I also love that little M loves home, and I can’t wait until baby J grows to love his home, as well.

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