I Tell Daddy…

Little M is a Daddy’s girl…all the way.

I have enjoyed seeing them grow closer and closer over the past weeks, and the girl is Daddy obsessed. I love it!

When she first wakes up in the morning she asks if Daddy is working, and she gets very excited when she finds he is home.
She is always over the top hyper when Daddy comes home.

The girl wants cream (lotion) on her owies, and after putting “a little cream” on invisible owies for the fifth time in five minutes, I told her we were done with cream. She frowned and said “Daddy puts you cream!”(she still calls herself “you”), and I said she could ask Daddy and see what he said. She was clearly irritated with me and said “Daddy puts cream. Daddy makes it all better!”
No matter what happens during the day, she always wants to tell Daddy about it. Whether she gets an owie, has a playdate, or makes a craft, she is excited to tell Daddy about it. “I tell Daddy.” has become a common phrase in our house.


  1. Girlventures on November 30, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Oh that's precious!

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