IEP Add-Ons…

So. Little M qualifies for every deaf/hard of hearing service there is. No surprise there, right?

Pretty much everything that could be added on for this need is being added on…

I just love the service providers we work with…they truly want the very best for our girl, and have worked super hard to get little M every service she needs.

She will continue her speech therapy once a week, and will also work with a hearing therapist, AND a hearing consultant will also meet with her teachers every other week to provide additional help and give advice on how to help little M be a success.
This will be so great for her, and she will love the special attention…she responds so well to one-on-one attention.

It is a relief to have this done, and in place before little M starts Kindergarten…I can’t wait to see how she does with these new services!

Now to get baby J’s services in place!

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