In China…

One year ago today we were heading to China as a family of four. Baby J was so little, just a year ago…

This was our third trip to China…and our second trip to Hunan province, so we knew the drill. We woke up at our hotel two mornings later and had breakfast before we headed to the civil affairs office.

Just one year…it’s so long, and it’s so short at the same time. In the scope of how long our baby was without us, and everything she went through, a year is so short.

But for a little one with tiny P’s complicated health…a year is so long. It’s twelve long months! 

One year ago we were in China, about to meet our baby…


  1. Renate on September 12, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    I agree seems like yesterday. But it also seems P has always been with you. They have all grown a lot.

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