In Four Years…

Four years ago tonight, we walked through our front doors a family of four…

Four years ago tonight, after spending months doing paperwork, waiting, and after two weeks in China, we were finally home with our boy.

This boy, our boy, doesn’t do anything half way, and even though he was still struggling, he barreled into his new home with the same gusto he does everything with. 

I don’t know anybody with the enthusiasm our little guy has. He was excited over every new thing, especially his new toys.

He was small, and he could barely walk, and he had no idea what was in store for him once we started going to the orthopedist.

He’s not so small anymore, and he is most definitely walking.

He is almost seven years old.
He wants to run everywhere.
He loves babies, and he prays for a brother every night.
He loves his sisters, and tiny P is his favorite person in the world.

He is our boy…and he has been our boy for four years, tonight!
Happy four years, baby J! We adore you!

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