We are in a stage… I knew it would come, and I knew I would love it and hate it at the same time.

I was right.

Little M wants to do everything, EVERY. THING. by herself.

It’s fabulous…right? This new found independence is wonderful. Sure, I enjoy helping her, and I enjoy being needed by her, but a kid who can wipe her own bottom and brush her own teeth is great.

Until it’s not. Because it turns out that with this stage, the girl wants to do everything for herself that is hard for her to do. She wants to do things that I know she will need help with.
The things I know she can do? These are the things she still suddenly needs help with.

Taking off her shoes is easy…she can do it so quickly, and has them put away in a flash. But she always, always wants me to help her do it, always when I have my hands full.
But carrying in a bag of groceries that weighs as much as she does? Picking up a package that is bigger than her?
These are the things she insists on doing for herself.

Please tell me that this stage ends soon…
At least tell me that the four year old becomes more reasonable? Maybe not…

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