Little M has found some independence! Not all of it, mind you, but we are seeing a brave and more independent little M this week!

All of a sudden, she is more confident, and more secure.
She is fine going upstairs, and downstairs, alone, and can often be heard throughout the day informing someone that she will be “right back,” and will go and collect something from another room.
Again, I know this is not a big deal to many, but it was not that long ago that if little M wanted something from a different level of the house, or even a different room, not only did I have to go with her, I usually had to carry her. She is still very fearful of animals, and panics whenever she sees the cat, or any dogs. What do you do with this fear, and how do you help your little one conquer her fears over animals? The fear of bugs seems to be abating slightly, and she has started taking it upon herself to kill ants and other small bugs.
It is exciting for us to see these changes and see this new courage come out!


  1. shelley on July 27, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    Just like the independence is coming along, the fear of animals will leave too. She may always be CAREFUL around dogs,maybe anxious, but the FEAR will leave when she feels ready. she is so full of expressions, I love your photography

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