Just Some Things…

Just a few things heard around our house the past few weeks:
Please take your napkin out of your armpit. (me)
No, I would not like you to blow in my mouth…because I don’t like it. (me)
Daddy is tough. Why you no tough, mommy? (little M…I am so)

Leave I alone! (little M, twenty million times, about everything. Four is so fun!)
I not like that. (little M, twenty million times, about everything.)
I do it by self! (little M, twenty million times)
Ok, you can do it by yourself. (me, twenty million times)
We don’t bite animals on the tale. (littleM…hmmm, no we don’t)
Oh no! That is too loud! (little M, after passing gas. Yes, it was too loud)
Please do not lick my neck. (me. Why the licking of the neck??)
Why did you lick the floor? (me. Why??)
Please put your tongue in your mouth. (me, because I’m nervous after all the licking.)
Where’s my little jesus? (little M, looking for her bunny named jesus)
They took two buh-ludds! (little M after getting blood drawn)
I really do like boys! They give me presents! (little M, talking about her friends at school)
Hape! Hape! (help) Somebody hape me! (little M, having a hard time getting in the car)


  1. Musings from Kim K. on April 27, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    I'm smiling. I don't miss all the oral sensory stuff, but I can certainly relate. Happy Friday!

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