Just some things…

Heard around our house this week…

Oh no, mommy! You didn’t! (little M, when I put some of her toys away)

Ouch, you hurt me! (little M, EVERY single time we touch her. Seriously, that can stop anytime!)

I not happy with you. Please don’t touch me right now. (little M, talking to her stuffed fish)

Where we are going? (little M, all day, every day)

Ok, you can be naked for ten minutes, then we are getting dressed! (me, negotiating naked time with little M)

Please don’t jump off the counter (me)

Is jumping off the stairs a safe choice? (me)

I don’t know how to make jesus hair. Is it a ponytail? Oh a braid…ok then. (me)

Why is there a sticker on your bottom? (me, after helping little M get undressed before a bath)

Mommy, where are you? You no hide from me! (little M, after she watched me go downstairs to do laundry)

Look, there’s a boulder! (little M, obsessed with big rocks)

How do you spell poo poo? (little M, before bursting into riotous giggles)

Don’t flush until I look! (little M…I don’t get it)

I’m sorry you don’t like fairies, but all of your spider-man panties are being washed. No, we are not going to buy more spider-man panties today. (me)

No, spider-man is not my favorite…yes I know you love him. (me)

I love spider-man! He has a happy heart! (little M)

That’s a jedi, just like daddy. Why you not a jedi, mommy? (little M, and I don’t know)

I just a little sad! I think I need a cuddle! (little M, and I was happy to oblige)


  1. Musings from Kim K. on May 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Precious. I wish I would have done a better job recording Josie's little phrases. They grow up so fast.

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