Lions And Turtles…

We went to the zoo on Labor Day, and little M has asked to go again every day this week. The girl seriously loves her some animals, which makes me worried that I am seriously in trouble…one day (when she gets over the fear of touching the animals) she is going to show up with a rabbit, or a snake and want to keep it. She decided that her favorites were the lions and the turtles. Our girl is diverse, huh?

This is the face of zoo happiness…

There were turtles in the water…hence the crazy joy on little M’s face.

We could have just looked at the turtles all day, and then gone home.

Just kidding. Then we would have missed the meerkat, and little M clearly loves the meerkat.

She and the meerkat were great friends by the time we left.

And yes, she did get her face painted…but I’m not ready to talk about it. Maybe next week.

I will leave you with this…it’s the face the iguana makes. But you probably already knew that.

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