Little M…

This girl is so good at first grade. She loves learning, and I love watching her learn…

She walks in so confidently every day, and it makes me smile to watch her greet all her little friends and the teachers.

She loves school. She loves life.

She is so excited to get to her sister that she can hardly stand herself.

She is helpful and so sweet, and she is going to be so great with her little sister, just as she is wonderful with baby J.

She makes me laugh every day, and her sweetness often brings tears to my eyes. She asks how she can help with everything I am doing…

She is the most expressive person I know, and I love her pure joy.

This girl is so ready to get to China!

This girl is so precious to me…

Photo cred: John Chase

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  1. Unknown on September 10, 2014 at 9:08 pm

    Beauty and brains!

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