Little M-isms…

One of little M’s favorite snacks is cottage cheese with peaches. She (very cutely) calls it “cottapeaches.” And I just can’t bring myself to correct her.

Our girl is learning to make up excuses…she is so bad at it. The other day she told me it was hard to obey because her arm was hurting. Ha!
Sometimes she gets it right, though. She asked me while we were shopping at the mall last week to please pick her up. When I did she said “my legs are tired, they have just been so busy!”

The other night, during her bath, little M was trying to put her face in the water like a fish. I told her not to get water in her ears, and she sat up and put a little washcloth on her head. She said “mommy, this is me cape, and it is magic. It will keep the water out of my ears!” Crazy little girl…

Little M has a thing for trucks and tractors…a couple days ago we were driving through a construction area, and passed a tractor on a flatbed trailer. I had to laugh when little M exclaimed “Oooo mommy! Look, that tractor is going for a little ride!”

Little M love to “help.” And I think it’s sweet and precious, so I let her as much as I can. When we were at a craft store a couple days ago, she asked to carry the rolls of paper I was buying. When I handed them to her, she said “look at me, mommy. I am taking care of business !”
Where does she get these things??

Our girl has a love for tape. She love her some glue, but her love for tape even exceeds that. We go through so much tape, it’s ridiculous. I am even putting some in her Christmas stocking!
She “wraps” up everything. Sometimes the littlest piece of paper gets wrapped using a whole roll of tape if I’m not monitoring. Last week, little M had used up almost two rolls of tape by the end of the week. After she had used so much one morning, I told her she couldn’t use any more tape in the afternoon. Her little body slumped, and she looked up with sad little eyes, and said “are you SERIOUS, mommy?” Gah, she slays me!

Yesterday, little M came and gave me a hug, and said “mommy, Christmas is taking so long to come…pretty soon I will be five!”

Little M has always been good about voicing her feelings, and lately when the husband goes to work in the morning, after he tells her he is headed to work, little M will say “aww, I will miss you, daddy!” It’s super sweet. Last week when the husband left for work, little M put her hand on mine, and said “don’t worry, mommy! Don’t worry about daddy going to work. I am your daughter, and I will take care of you!”
Could anything be sweeter than this girl?


  1. Renate on December 13, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    Can this girl get any cuter? I think NOT!Renate

  2. Musings from Kim K. on December 13, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    Just precious.

  3. Bev on December 14, 2012 at 7:28 am

    Oh my gosh, Jenna will have tape in her stocking too! She also wraps everything… today she wrapped pieces of paper for everyone for Christmas and also for Valentine's Day! We have this stack of paper and tape that we've been told we must hold on to and be patient to open it \”when it's time\”!

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