Little Things…

Firstly, thank you all for your kind thoughts, comments, and emails. You all are so sweet and so supportive. I realize that my post was quite cryptic, and those of you who are adoptive parents will understand that sometimes in the world of adoption, you are not always allowed to share details. As soon as we are able, you know I will spill, as you all know I am the worst secret keeper ever, ever.

We have been spending as much time as we are able with our little family lately, and cherishing every moment with our little M.

There are so many little things I never want to forget….

Even though there has been much testing and trying, we are really seeing a lot more of little M’s personality begin to emerge. And she is HILARIOUS.
Every time she does something she thinks is a help, including trying to “help” me sit on the potty (sorry for the image!) she says, in a proud little voice, “good helpering!”
Little M narrates our entire day. She commentates whatever she is doing, whether it is holding her kitty, or coloring, or eating. Even if I am in the other room, I know what she is doing because I hear “Mackenzie’s coloring a horse,” or “Mackenzie’s drinking water.” It’s precious.
She is very into identifying gender right now. Everywhere we go she points out the people we see, and tells me if they are boys or girls, and if they are big or little.
Little M is also very into birthdays right now, and every time she sees a cake or cupcake she bursts into a rousing birthday song. She used to only say “happy to you,” but now she says the whole phrase, although when she sings it, it is “happy da-ay to you-ou.”
Last week the husband’s youngest siblings were staying with us. His youngest brother, little M’s youngest uncle, is eleven. Uncle E and little M wanted so badly to be the boss of each other. Uncle E wanted to be the boss because he is the uncle, and little M just wants to be the boss of everyone. By the end of the week, every time her uncle would talk to her, she would hold up her hand and say “not bocking me!” It is so cute, even the husband and I have started saying it to each other!


  1. Musings from Kim K. on September 15, 2011 at 8:03 pm

    I can't wait until you can share more details!! Thinking of you and your rollercoaster journey.

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