Love is me…and love is you. So when you smile, I smile too. 
When you’re around, the skies are blue. It’s like being happy! Times two!
Love is sweet…and love is GRAND!
Sometimes love is just holding hands. It’s a feeling inside. It’s a smile in your heart.
It keeps us together when we’re apart.
Love is fun! It’s feeling free!
Love lets you be who you want to be.

Love will catch you when you fall.
Love! It’s the greatest gift of all.
It’s just us, without a care.
It’s what we give…and the times we share.
It wipes away the tears…sends our troubles along.
Love is the place where you ALWAYS belong.

And we’ve got love-me and you. 
We’re sticking together. We’ll see it through… 
And wherever we go love will always be, because…
Love is you, and me. 
~Monica Sheehan

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