Little M has many, many “favry” things in her life.
She has many opinions, and it is fun to see her developing a love for certain things:
*Her books. Little M would be perfectly happy to be read to all day long, taking breaks only for two other things she loves.
*Eating. Little M is a big, big fan of food. BIG fan.
*Coloring. Little M has several coloring books that she gets out on a daily basis, and can occupy herself with coloring for hours at a time.
*Blocks. Little M loves her duplos, and asks to play with “bocks” at least once a day.
*Cleaning. Give the girl a wipe or a paper towel, and she is happy to clean away…my little cinderella.
*Bubbles. We talk and sing about bubbles a lot. Whenever we are not blowing them. Little M has a little play tambourine, which she plays while singing “bubbles for Mackenzie…”
*Water. Any water will do. We must even stop to look at mud puddles. And when we go to the pool, oh my. You would not believe the squeals of joy.
*Animals. Little M loves animals, and loves watching them. She has been scared to death to touch them, but has started to get more brave, and it has been fun to see her overcome her fears, and start to get close to them. She even touched a cat recently, and the other day touched a dog. And then she promptly freaked out.
*Tutus and cute clothes. Little M loves to be “cute” and gets so excited when I let her where a tutu or a cute dress. She walks around saying “you cute” (her pronouns are mixed up).
*Jewelry. She has many necklaces and bracelets, and loves to pick out her necklace, or necklaces, each day. Her favorite is a little initial “M,” which she turns around and around, while saying, “M, W, M, W.”
*Buses, trains, and tractors. And trucks. We ride a church bus on Sunday mornings, and little M does a happy dance all the way. We ride a little train at our mall, and she will talk about it for days after.
*Music. We sing. A LOT. And then we sing some more.

Little M has many things she loves, and me? Well, I love my little M!


  1. Musings from Kim K. on May 2, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    How sweet that she enjoys so many things and is able to entertain herself too. Miss Josie has a very hard time playing by herself. She would much prefer someone to \”help\” her play. We're still working on that. Happy Monday! Happy May!

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