When we were shopping the other day little M cried out “buh-boo-bears, buh-boo-bears!”
I had no clue. She almost never has to “show me” what she is talking about anymore, but she did this time. Buh-boo-bears…are blueberries. And she got them.
She calls her sandals her “sand shoes.” It’s too precious. She went up to her gymnastics teacher on Saturday, and said “I hava new thand shoes!” And then he died from the cuteness.

Every time I look at a magazine little M comes and “readth” it with me. Every time I turn a page, she points to something new, and proclaims “oooh, beautiful!” The other day I was reading and she was proclaiming, and then she stopped herself and laughed…”haha, that’s not beautiful, that’s a doggy!”
The husband was away at a men’s retreat this weekend, and little M was not happy that daddy was not home to put her to bed. So we talked about it all day every day. Little M would think about it, then speculate on what the husband was doing with his friends. “He’s dancing,” or “he’s doing some music,” were the most popular guesses.

When something is cute, it is not just cute, it is “Thuper Cute!” The other day we ran into a little girl from little M’s gymnastics class, and they both had matching tutus on. They ran to each other and held hands, and giggled and laughed together like little girls do, and I heard little M proclaim “you are thuper cute!” The other girl said “I know!”
Little M ran up to a mirror at Old Navy this weekend, and proclaimed loudly, “I am perfect, I am beautiful!” She drew quite the crowd with her mirror antics.


  1. Musings from Kim K. on March 12, 2012 at 4:35 pm

    Awwww….super sweet.

  2. Hollis H. Notgrass on March 13, 2012 at 5:06 am

    She is right. She IS perfect, and she IS beautiful. We'd all feel a little better if we remembered to do our own \”mirror antics\” now and then. 🙂 \”Thuper cute!\”

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