Makeover Monday

Before kids, and even after one or two kids, I used to try to get out of the house at least once a day.

After Paisley, needing to keep her safe and needing to keep germs out of our house, I stayed home a lot more, especially through flu season…now? I LOVE to be at home, I hate having to go out.

I love to travel, I still love to go to Target (just not daily, haha!), but home is where my heart is!

When we first moved into our house, it was all white on white, with some crazy window treatments… our bedroom was no different.

We painted the walls a cozy gray when we first moved in, and of course changed out the curtains, but the room stayed pretty plain.

Pretty plain and pretty boring… a lot of the time we had a crib in there for Paisley and then for Finn!

With no kiddos on the horizon to share our room, I wanted to remake it into just our space…

I kept the color, changed the curtains, pulled a rug from another room in our house, and changed up everything else!

The bed is from Pottery Barn, the wallpaper and bedside dressers are from Target, and the bedding is all Casaluna and the throw pillows are Opal House (Target).

The chandelier and sconces are from Home Depot. The chandelier replaced a boring ceiling fan, and I love it. The sconces are plug in, and were easy to install since they didn’t need to be electrically wired. I also love that we don’t need lamps on the dressers.

The bed is so big that any traditional bedside tables look WAY too small, so I decided on small dressers, from Target. Plus, the extra storage they give us let us get rid of our big bulky dresser!

This wallpaper is so fun, it’s Opal House peel and stick so if we ever get tired of it, I can pull it off and throw something else up… the colors work so well, and the throw pillows and curtains pull out all the greens. Josh helped me add the trim piece because I didn’t want to do the whole wall with the wallpaper, just accent it.

Such small changes, but they make a big impact! And now we have a space that is solely our’s, that won’t be shared by babies for the foreseeable future!

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