Monday Musings…

Last weekend we went to a car show, and little M was thrilled that she could climb into each car. sometimes she would “drive,” and sometimes she chose to be in the back. A man we don’t know climbed into the passenger seat of a car she was “driving” in, and smiled at her in the driver’s seat. He asked if she loved this car, and little M smiled at him sweetly, and replied “holla!” I think it was a yes. And thank you John, for teaching our daughter to say holla, it was perfect.

The other day little M climbed into my lap, and asked me to please do some “humping.” After asking her to repeat it several times (because it made me laugh) I asked her to show me. Turns out humping is actually humming.
Later that day she came up to me and put both her hands on my cheeks, and said “show me your pretty smile, mommy!” Gah, the cuteness slays me!
The other day little M lost her stuffed snowman, and could not rest until it was found. After she searched for a few minutes, I heard her in the other room saying “snowman, what are oo(you) doing? Oo no hide from Kenzie!” Ironically, that was the longest sentence she had ever said to date.
Last week little M was going potty, and I asked if she needed to poop (yes, these are our conversations now), and she said, very firmly, “no poopoo mommy, only poopoo wis daddy.”
Umm, ok. Good luck with that, little M.
Little M is quite the singer, and yes, Christmas music is still being sung at top volume at our house. She also tells me to “watch and listen.” Something she hears at school, maybe? A couple nights ago she was singing so flamboyantly in the tub that she fell right over…then got mad.


  1. Musings from Kim K. on February 6, 2012 at 2:01 pm

    Love all of Little M's Musings!! Too sweet!

  2. Cindy on February 6, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Don't you just love to see the world though her eyes. I love the love she has for Darth. Hey, even dark, evil lords need some lovin'! She is certainly a precious one…Happy Monday!Cindy

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