Monday Musings…

We closed on our new house a week and a half ago, so we are in the throws of packing and all the craziness that comes with it. Moving is already crazy town…moving with three kids, one with high medical needs, while attending all the specialist appointments that go with those needs, is just plain insanity.

These guys are rock stars, though… even with all of the insanity, and craziness, they have managed to keep it together, and we have managed to get a ton of stuff done!

Little M had her first drop off birthday party a couple weeks ago… I felt like such a grown up mom, dropping a kid off at her little friend’s house for a couple of hours. It was such a strange feeling…
This girl, who had panic attacks and took days to recover if she couldn’t find me in our house, just four short years ago, just walked off into her little friend’s party so confidently, without looking back… I just am so proud of how much she has grown and changed.

Tiny P has been doing fairly well since her last hospital stay, but she is on several new meds that have some harsh side effects that make her feel miserable. She has quite a few specialist appointments in the coming weeks leading up to her next cardiologist visit where we will schedule her next heart catheterization. I’m working on a post just about tiny P, but we are still processing some things.

Tiny P is now on nine different meds, four that she takes twice a day… she is on three diuretics twice a day, and that is all that needs to be said about that. After she added her newest three days, she didn’t smile for three days. She was miserable, and nauseous, and dizzy. Now she seems to be adjusting a little, and the past couple of days we have seen her smile…we missed it!

Baby J does not do well with change. At all. His little world had been rocked non-stop this past year, with starting preschool, adding a new sister, lots of hospital stays for his new sister, and now a new house… I think we might be breaking him. He is a hot, hot mess, and he is losing his mind. I am so looking forward to getting settled, and getting him some help, and some routine back in his little life.

Little M has become quite the little adult. She seems so grown up to me lately. She is still SO full of sass, but there is also a confident and responsible little person blooming there. While we have been working on painting our new house, and getting things ready to move in, she will often appear in the doorway, and ask “how is everything going Do you need any help here?” And if we say no, she will always say “ok, just call me if you need help, ok?” She never complains about anything I ask her to do, and is always happy to help. She plays so patiently with baby J and tiny P,  and they adore her. Their favorite time of day is when little M comes home from school… It’s mine too, because I miss that little girl so much during the day!

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