Monday Musings…

Little M and baby J had their first official fight. We were in the car and she held out a card from a magazine she was looking at (you know, the little order cards that you throw away?), and baby J took it. Then, he wouldn’t give it back, and shoved it under his bottom, so no one could get it. The grandpa had to extract it, little M was quite put out, and they yelled “you no touch!” back and forth for the next fifteen minutes. Not too bad for the first fight, I guess.

I have decided that for future fights, ones that are more annoying and less funny, I will institute a “love chair.” They will both sit in one of our small leather armchairs, until they can get along. Ha. Maybe I’ll even videotape it.

Last week, in the car, little M was talking with the grandma about animals. Then she was quiet for a minute, and said “grandma, do you wish you had a rescue pack?”
Who doesn’t wish they had one of those?

Later in the car, she was talking with the grandma, and said “Moe, bah, hie, lee, loo.” When the grandma asked what she was saying, she replied “Um, I think that’s how you say choo choo train in Aramaic.”
Weirdo. I didn’t even know she knew what Aramaic was!

I was looking for my keys the other day (can anyone else never seem to find their keys?), and little M said “oh mommy, I will help you! I have very good eyelashes…for seeing!”
It’s true. She does have very good eyelashes. And she did find my keys.

Baby J has clearly been bossed too much by his big sister. His new favorite phrase is “no touchy!” And he says it in a deep little man voice, with a serious little face. Definitely something I need to get on video…

Other things I need to get on video? Baby J doing tai chi. Oh yes, he does, and it’s adorbs. Also, his dancing…cutest thing ever. I’ll work on it.

For the most part, little M and baby J get along well. They don’t play together a lot yet, but little M loves to “take care” of her brother, and she is a super good helper. She wants to be involved in every little thing we do, from changing his diaper to bathing. It is so sweet, and super helpful.

This week little M and I were talking about how baby J was little, and she told me that she was a big girl and she was not a baby. I told her that she would always be my baby girl, and she smacked her head and said “oh man! I thought I was a big girl!” I laughed, and told her she was, but even when she is super big, she’s still my baby girl. She smiled and said “Oh yeah. I knew it.”


  1. dawn on May 20, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    They are so cute…when I visit this blog I find that I repeat myself!

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