Monday Musings…

My computer broke last week, so the blog has been ignored for a bit… And by broke, I mean that I took too many pictures of my babies, and my computer’s drive got filled right to the brim. But the husband, who has fixed said computer approximately 846 times before, put a new bigger, faster hard drive in, and now I am back in business.

Today is little M’s last day of school. That means that after noon today, she will officially be a second grader. Also, she is huge.

Baby J had his last day of preschool this past week. He has grown a little, too. He is definitely feeling more solid these days when I go to lift him.

At the beginning of the school year, baby J was just over 37 inches tall, and weighed 29 pounds…

At the end of preschool, baby J is 41 inches tall, and weighs 33 pounds! How?!

This boy has asked me 327 times in the past three days when we are “going to Summer.” I have no idea what he means (he’s not referring to vacation, I tried that), but I have attempted to answer this crazy question 327 times.

At the beginning of the school year, little M weighed 46 pounds, and was 3 feet 9 inches tall…

At the end of the school year she is 51 pounds, and almost 4 feet tall. How is she so big!?

Little M is going to talk me to death, I can already tell…and, she has made us the longest Summer bucket list, ever. We have got our work cut out for us!

Tiny P is doing very well after her heart cath, and she looks so much better this time, than she did after the last cath. Her cardiac team met this afternoon, and we should hear from her cardiologist soon about what they discussed.

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