More Fall Leaves…

The weekend before last was beautiful…the weather was so nice, so we decided to take a drive, and enjoy the last of the Fall leaves. 

Maryland is not known for having big mountains…that is one thing I really miss about the west. But there is a little mountain close by, and baby J and little M don’t know the difference. When you’re little, everything is big, ha.

Have you noticed that in every outdoor picture of little M she is holding a stick? If she’s not holding a stick in a picture, you can bet that it is close by…

Baby J is following in his sister’s footsteps in being an ardent nature lover…what is it about dirt? He sees some, and his first thought is to put his hands in it?

The view was beautiful, the leaves that were still around were stunning, and I loved being with my little family to hike and enjoy time together.

Anything that brings a smile to my little one’s faces!

Bring on the nature!

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