More IEP…

Tomorrow we have a big meeting to add on to little M’s IEP.
These meetings used to be so stressful…apparently they are very stressful to many people, because when I was looking up some things about IEPs online, these came up…


Tomorrow’s meeting will be to decide on what kind of deaf/hard of hearing services and resources little M will need for kindergarten, and what level those services will be at.
While I no longer need a massage after these IEP meetings, I do look forward to a day when these are no longer a concern. In the meantime, I am thankful for these service providers, and the therapists we work with. These people go above and beyond to help our little M (and soon our baby J!), and I am so grateful for them. I know many people who have to fight their school tooth and nail to get anything for their kids, so I know how blessed we are that these people work hard for our girl!


  1. Musings from Kim K. on May 28, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    My husband is on the other end of the IEP as a school social worker. I'm glad you feel like you have good support. I know he works really hard trying to coordinate all the right services for his IEP meetings. Best wishes with your meeting! Kindergarten. How exciting! I can't believe Josie is nearly done with 1st grade.

  2. Unknown on October 9, 2014 at 8:08 pm

    HiI'm glad to hear you are getting good support. I felt that the people working with my boys(twins) were very hard working. But in a public school system they just seemed so overwhelmed and these details seemed formulaic. The worst was when they did their evaluations and people who did not know them well assessed them. They did IQ testing etc. I am a nurse so I understood immediately what they were telling me. They said their IQ was in the low 70s and kept on breaking my heart with negative results. I knew this was completely inaccurate but I started crying and cried for days! I never told anyone until this moment that number. My boys will be 21 next week. After that I had my boys independently assessed. It cost lots of money. One boy scored 125 and the other 105. This is a HUGE difference. One is low and one is gifted. I am so glad I had outside testing. In addition I was told they were so uncoordinated that they needed therapy. soccer was recommended. We tried it. They took the team to the state championships! Anyway=my advice is that whatever the school may say. remember kids are growing and changing and constantly improving so don't let negative words land on your heart. Our children are special and we know it.

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