My Man…

I really could go on and on about my man, and his complete wonderfulness…I could gush about him, and I really don’t talk about him enough.

He really is amazing, this guy I am married to.

After almost fourteen years of marriage, he still thinks I am hilarious. And cute. And he makes me smile every day.

He is a man who has supported every dream in my heart, and has gone to the ends of the earth to make them a reality.

He is a man who, even though I offer up way more crazy than he does, overlooks my mistakes, and never points out my flaws.

He is forgiving and understanding, and the most patient person I have ever met. He adores his kids, and LOVES spending time with them. He looks forward to the weekend so that he can spend more time with his babies, and he loves it… that’s rare, I think.

He is a good listener, and he can talk with his kids for hours… he and little M have the best conversations.

He is a man who would do anything for me, even help me make new kitchen counters, even though he really didn’t want to, because I really wanted them… and he helped me wholeheartedly, even though I know there were one hundred other things he would rather do, and he never complained.

He buys me gifts for every holiday, not just the “gift” ones. I even get presents for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Just because he loves me!

He is my best friend …my love… my soul mate… God chose so well for me!

Happy birthday, husband! It is so fun living this life with you!

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