Not A Big Girl…

Little M has been going through a phase where she wants me to feed her. She wants me to spoon feed her every meal.
When we first brought our girl home we did spoon feeding for a while, for bonding, and then slowly phased it out. After that she fed herself independently, very well. Little M can hold a spoon, and feed herself like a champ.
Until now. She CAN do it…but she wants me to.

It’s not that I absolutely won’t do it…I don’t usually mind feeding her, if I’m not feeding myself. I feel like it’s something I can do for her that (hopefully) will not last much longer. I hope.
Yesterday we were eating lunch, and little M wanted to be fed, but I wasn’t finished with my meal yet. So I told her that she was a big girl, and she could do it for a little bit.
It was the wrong thing to say…little M was completely offended.
She straightened her little body, and said “YOU big, mommy! You big! I very little girl. Very tiny little girl!”
I am wondering if she is worried because we’ve been talking about her growing bigger. Maybe she is worried about not being a little girl, but growing up? Now, if I ask her about being a big girl, she says she is a big little girl. Ha.


  1. jessica on February 8, 2012 at 2:21 am

    What a cute story! I love the little phases that kids go through, My younger son goes through phases where he only wants me and wants me to baby him too. I guess feeding Kenzie will make you eat fast! ha ha

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