Now There’s Two…

You guys. One is seriously different than two. I know…you moms with two or more kids are totally laughing at me right now, and yes, I knew it would be different. And it is. And it is hard in all the ways we thought it would be…

But it is also hard in ways that I didn’t know it would be.

I wasn’t prepared for the guilt I would feel over feeling like I am neglecting my first while meeting the needs of my very needy and not always able to walk second.

The second needs to be carried almost all. the. time. Each new cast takes two or three days to adjust to, and during that time he needs me. For everything. This current cast may take a bit longer, since it seems to be a bit more awkward. Our poor little guy handles it super well, but we will all be glad when casting is done!

But my first…my first still has needs. And when she needs me, I am often with my second. When my first needs me to pick her up, I am often already holding my second, and I know this won’t kill her, but the look on her face might just be the death of me.

My first one, my girl, still needs me so much…but I have a second now, too! Seriously, how do you all find a balance?

Aside from balance, two is so much more different in other ways…

You can take one shopping, and it is easy, because one fits into the cart seat perfectly.

When you take two grocery shopping, it takes longer, and one has to walk, or ride in the bottom of the cart. And if one rides in the bottom of the cart, you can only buy three things, because that is all that will fit in the cart. But there are TWO cute little faces smiling back at you.

You can hold one fairly easily…
But trying to carry two up the stairs is a bad choice.

One is good at playing by themselves, but two can have so much more fun.

One was a little bit spoiled, but two is helping to balance that out. Two was quite rough and loud, and one is helping to gentle him. One was scared of EVERYTHING, but two is so brave that his example is teaching one to be brave too.

One was so wanted, with all of our hearts, and two stepped into our hearts the moment we saw him.
One and two are so loved, and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.


  1. ourchinagirls on June 3, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Then three and four and five come along and they learn to share :)Parenting is always a balancing job. We are always hearing about how so and so has more than I do and we always remind them that it is not a game to see how much each one has. I am sorry, but life is not always fair. Usually it is the singlet that lives across the street that has so much more than \”we\” have. We are always reminding them that she also does not have sisters and is always over here because she needs someone to play with. They have you and each other now…the best of all!!And seriously you need to change the name of your blog now 🙂

  2. Musings from Kim K. on June 3, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    When our family became a family of four, I had no idea how much ALL OUR WORLDS would get rocked. We still strive for balance. It's never going to happen. It's a give-n-take. Hugs to you and your littles.

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