Office Work…

We were VERY excited to have an office to make over in this house… I think it is the husband’s favorite room in our house…

I don’t even know what color those old dark curtains were…greenish brown? Ugh.

We obviously could not take them down fast enough.

We went with brown walls, an orange accent wall, and teal accents. The chair and the desks are from Ikea, and the chairs are from Target.

I know… not colors you might normally put together… we’re crazy like that.

My favorite is the cow hide rug.

And the painted globe… maybe that is my favorite.

Or maybe the art above the desk… it’s so hard to choose! The Star Wars quote is because it’s the husband’s favorite movies, and I think it’s hilarious in the office.

The chevron art is leftover paint chips from picking the orange wall color, cut into strips. The bible verse is a favorite, and the teal framed numbers are our anniversary date…9/24/00!

We framed some post cards from some of our favorite vacation destinations, little M painted the teal and orange mini canvas, and the husband’s aunt did the zentangle (hi, Joni!)

We have some pretty ball jars and pictures of our babies…

And a cute little moose, because I like him.

And that’s the office! And I think this is the only room that we are not planning to make additional changes to!

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