On Growing…

If you tell baby J how big he is, or ask him if he’s a big boy, he will tell you no…

“I a little baby! I a tiny baby boy!” he is adamant about this.

And he’s not wrong… baby J is small. He is almost three and a half, and size 2T clothes will fit him, but the pants hang on his skinny little waist.

He’s a good eater, but we have worked hard for every pound baby J has gained.

He is on the charts for height, but barely on them for weight… and you all know how I love me a chubby baby, so you know how I want him to be on the weight charts!

This outfit is one that we bought and sent to baby J in China while we were waiting to go get him.

It’s also the outfit he was wearing on the day we met him…

And it still fits our precious little, tiny, baby J!

At least he still has those wonderful chubby cheeks!

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