One Year!

What a very big day for us…a day for celebration! Little M has been home for one year today! We have had our daughter home for twelve months.

We have watched our little girl change and blossom and grow over the past year.
She is a completely different person than the little girl we first met a year ago in China.
It is tradition while in China to take a picture on a red couch, and so we did…
Now, a year later, in the same dress, little M looks like a little lady instead of the baby she was.
Twelve months is not so long, really, but so much has happened, and little M has met so many challenges, and has so many more to meet. She has achieved so many milestones, that it seems like much longer than just a year.
When we were with little M in China, she could not walk fast or for long. She could never run, and steps were not even an option for her.
Now, she goes up and down steps, and quickly, all day long. And she runs. Oh, does she run. Several months ago, she had an awkward slow gait, even though she tried with all her might. Now…she is becoming quite the little runner, and never, never wants to slow down.
A year ago, she couldn’t hear. In just the three short months she has been hearing, she has learned so much, and even though she is not very clear, she talks constantly.
She is bright and clever, and she learns quickly.
A year ago, she was a tiny little thing, short and light. She wore some 18 month clothes, but mostly size 12 month. Now, she is eight pounds heavier, five inches taller, and is wearing 3t clothes. She is a little girl now…thank goodness she still has her cheeks!
She has been through so much in her short years, but we are so proud of her spirit. She has bonded to us, and while attachment will be an ongoing process, we are seeing strong attachment signs. She has grown more secure, and trustful of us, and she is learning that we will be there for her always. She understands that we are hers, and she is ours.
She has come so far, and we are so very honored to be her parents.
One year home! We love you little M, and we are so proud to be your parents!


  1. Musings from Kim K. on August 28, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    Happy Anniversary! It's been so much fun watching your journey and remembering those same milestones with our Josie. I will always feel a special connection to your little M. Heart SN adoptions are life-changing in so many wonderful ways.Continued blessings to your sweet family!

  2. Jen on August 29, 2011 at 1:19 am

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  3. Jen on August 29, 2011 at 1:20 am

    Happy anniversary, JJ&M! What a big day! I had forgotten that she came home on the day we moved; we're celebrating one year in our new home today too. Just like you, we have no regrets! M has become a beautiful little lady instead of an adorable baby, and I'm so happy to be on this journey with you. I found out today that we're going to be in the same CBS group this year — so excited to have more time with you! Love ya!

  4. Bev on August 30, 2011 at 3:31 am

    Wow, what a difference a year makes! Little M has come so far. She is an amazing, brave little girl who has been thriving in the love of her family. It's been such a joy to follow along in your journey together. I love checking in every day and seeing what new things Little M is doing. Happy one year anniversary!! Sending love from her far away friend, Jenna.

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