Playing In The Leaves…

My babies lurve them some leaves. They love to kick them, make piles, jump in them, gather them, and most of all…throw them.

If I ask little M what she wants to do on a Saturday, she asks to do something with leaves. And then baby J chimes in to agree.

A couple weeks ago, the colors were bright, and there were good piles under the trees.

So we all headed outside before school one morning to make the babies happy.

I love this season…the colors, and the crisp air, and the smiles on my baby’s faces.

If leaves can do that, then I love the leaves.

We are in full holiday countdown mode here, and I am getting so excited to celebrate.

I love that little M understands everything going on, and wants to help with the planning, and I love celebrating all these “first holidays” with my boy.
Most of all, I love my little family!

I had to include these last pictures…

Look at little M’s face in this one. Pure joy.

And this one just makes me laugh. She is always SO happy to torture the husband. And he lets her, and that makes me smile.

No one is happier than little M with her leaves. No one.

This girl…

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