Please Pray…

Sunday Night Update: The Sols remain with their biological children, and some sort of hearing will be held tomorrow. Please pray that this situation is resolved quickly, and that all of the children can be reunited with their parents tomorrow!

Update: Christine and Sol have been freed from prison, and their biological children are safe with them!
Their four adopted children must remain in the orphanage until Monday at the earliest.
Thanks for keeping this family in your prayers!

There is a couple, Christine and Sol, who are in Ghana right now to bring home their FOUR adopted children. They took with them their two sons, who are seven and four.
Something went terribly wrong, and the couple was accused of child trafficking, even though they had ALL of their paperwork with them.

Their adoption trip has turned into a nightmare…they were thrown into prison, and their two young sons were put into the orphanage where their four soon to be adopted children remain.
Our government is involved, and people are working to get this taken care of.
The family’s blog is here. It does not have any updated information at this point.

Will you pray for this family? I cannot imagine the horror they are enduring, being imprisoned, and separated from their children in a foreign country.


  1. Kat on June 24, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Thank you for the update. I read this as I was getting ready for our date last night. Our whole family was stunned ans spent the evening praying for this family. Please continue to update us.

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