Quotable Little M…

As we were leaving the house the other day, little M stopped, and in a panicked voice said, “Mommy, I would like my rock, pwease!” Yes, we could not leave the house, unless we left with her carrying her dirty little rock.

At dinner the other night…
“Mommy, thant-oo chicken. Thant-oo yogurt. Thant-oo milk. Thant-oo cheese.”
Such a grateful little thing, she is. She tells us thank you for many things, but she is most grateful for her food.

We took little M to her first county fair. She thoroughly enjoyed the farm animals…from a healthy distance, of course. I think she might think animals can talk, because this is what we heard: “Hi, cow. How are you?” After pausing to listen to said cow, she added, “I’m good, cow. Bye-bye.”

At the fair little M also had her first taste of cotton candy. When I handed it to her she said, “Ooooh. Soft!” I told her she could eat it, and she promptly rubbed it on her cheek. Ha!

I was doing some Fall decorating (oh yes, I was), and had some little stick bundles I was arranging in a bowl. Little M was watching me closely, and came closer. Then she looked at me very intensely and jabbered off something I did not understand. Then she said “right back,” and ran off. She returned with one of her purses, and excitedly pulled a gnarly stick out of it. She set it on the table, and proudly stood back with her hands on her hips. After surveying her work, she declared it “pretty,” and ran off to play.
We have no idea where the stick came from.

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  1. Beth on August 26, 2011 at 2:04 am

    She is so cute!! Emily talks to cows too!!! \”Hi cow. How doin'?\” And then she tried to get it's attention to come and eat some grass she put on the fence!!! LOLI LOVE LOVE LOVE the stick story!!!

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