Ready For Summer…

So far, so good…

The first two days of our Summer have been a success! And we are making plans for lots of fun over the coming months.

We also have some learning goals this Summer…baby J has some hyper flexibility issues, and is being followed by a geneticist for those. this issue mainly affects his hands, and he has trouble cutting, so we will be learning how to use real scissors this Summer, and how to properly hold and write with a pencil. He is doing fairly well, and can write his name, but because his fingers just keep bending, he has to grip a crayon or a pencil so tightly that sometimes they snap.

We have sensory bins…both for my sensory avoidant girl, and for my sensory seeking boy child.

It’s funny to watch them play. Little M and tiny P both carefully use the scoopers, and gently scoop with a cup, while baby J buries his whole arm in the beans.

The girls carefully play with the sand, and make cute little dinosaur scenes…

While I have found sand in the boy’s hair, and in his pants.

The water bin is the only thing that everyone gets crazy with, and gets soaking wet.

Baby J hasn’t napped in ages, but quiet time is still happening, because seriously…mama needs her quiet time.

So baby J and little M both have a quiet time box for each week day…

So far, these are a huge hit, and they all have nice non-damaging, non-noisemaking, fine motor skill building activities.

I think we are ready for Summer…what else do we need?

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  1. Brianna Wachter on June 27, 2015 at 7:39 pm

    You are so awesome! The sensory and fine motor skill boxes are the best. Sometimes I feel like everything we do with Addison is some sort of educational tool and maybe he needs more time to just be a kid…and then I realize every activity my mom encouraged me in as a kid was somehow educationally motivated…and since I consider my childhood a happy one and am a reasonably functioning human being I guess it's okay 🙂

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