Red For CHD!

Today is national wear red day! We wear red to help raise awareness for CHD (congenital heart defects).

This next week is CHD awareness week, it is one of little M’s very favorite time of the year. It also is Chinese New Year, and ends with Valentine’s, so we will pack a lot of fun into this week!

Tiny P did so well yesterday for her cath! It was a simple cath, they only went in through her groin (versus the groin and the neck), so she only had to lay still for four hours afterwards (versus the standard six hours). She woke up very angry to find out that an IV had been placed while she was in the OR, but when she calmed down, she was able to eat and watch a show.

Her heart pressures are amazing! They have come down form 23 to 14 (normal is 10-12), and everyone was so excited!
I was a little disappointed to hear that she still has a heart rejection grade 1r. I was really hoping to hear that she had zero rejection… it’s the lowest grade, though, and everyone is still very pleased, so we will choose joy, and wait for the next cath.

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