All of us at one time or another have taken a risk in our lives. Some are so big that you feel as though you will be crushed by the weight of it, and some are so small that you might not have even realized you were taking it.

Life in general is a risk, because if we fall, if we fail, we know it will hurt.There will be pain, and sometimes the fear of that pain is enough to keep us paralyzed, immobilized and afraid to move forward. When I look back on my life, on the risks I have taken, I can see some that were successful, and some that ended in pain. But when I look at the risks I have taken, whether successes or failures, the constant in all of them is that I see God. I can see God in our successes, and I can see God’s hand, holding us and protecting us through our failures. And that is what gives me the strength to keep taking risks. Not seeing or knowing the future is a scary thing, but I know who holds the future. The road ahead may not always be a comfortable carefree road, but I know that as we walk it, we are not alone. Though we may feel powerless, and out of control, we are never alone.

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