Road Trip…

I grew up out west…with the trees, and the mountains, and the nature. And even though I don’t really like the nature touching me, I do lurve me some mountains, and small towns, and quiet. The quiet appeals to my introverted self, and my deep down desire to hermit.

You know what else I love? Quaint covered bridges, and red barns in fields with mountains behind them…

Before we left Vermont, the husband did some research, and found me some covered bridges.

Have I mentioned how wonderful that man is?

The babies thought these bridges were pretty cool… or maybe my excitement just wore off on them, ha!

They mostly liked that the bridges were over water, and my babies LOVE to throw rocks in water. Any water will do.

We saw the bridges, we took the pictures, and we threw the rocks in the water…

And I was happy.

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