We have had some super nice weather this past week, and yesterday we decided to take a walk on the trail by our house.
Little M loves walking on the trail because there is a creek. And bridges. What else could a girl want? Oh yeah, rocks to throw in the water.
We were walking along on our way back home, when little M started squealing and jumping around.

I looked around to see what would cause such excitement, and saw nothing but two people walking toward us. A grandfather and his granddaughter.
“Mommy! It’s Santa! It’s Santa! You see him?” She said it loud. and. clear. Everybody heard and understood her. “do you see him?” I did now. The older man had a beard, and he did KIND of look like Santa. Santa in bike shorts. Not a pretty visual, huh?
The man’s granddaughter thought it was hilarious that little M thought this man was Santa.
The man was just tickled at little M’s obvious adoration (thank goodness), and talked to her and was very sweet with her.
When we continued on our way, little M looked up at me and said “Santa loves you (me).”


  1. Bev on February 25, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    We've had Santa sightings outside of the Christmas season, too! The most recent was in an elevator… I wonder how many times it happens to these men with white beards! : )

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