School Choices…

Our baby J will be four (four?!) years old in a couple of months… Technically he is old enough to be in pre-k, and he would be old enough to start kindergarten next year when he turns five, which pretty much just gives me heart palpitations. And while we think that he may be ready academically, emotionally he is just not there.

That is why our boy is officially registered for preschool this Fall… he will do a few hours a morning for a few days a week to start to prepare him for a daily pre-k class the following year, and then he will begin kindergarten when he turns six.

I am just so relieved to have this decision made, and to have a plan in place for our boy’s education. He is a smart little guy, and I know he will do well, but his family age (the age he is emotionally) is around  12-18 months. He is learning things at his age level, but the way he needs us and his attachment levels are that of a much younger child. I am already nervous about how he will react to being left for a few hours a week. It will be a huge adjustment, for sure.

I know that this will be so good for him, though, just like it was for our little M, and I am excited to see how he does with this.
I also can’t believe it is time to make these decisions…how is our boy almost four years old?! Crazy!


  1. a portland granny on May 30, 2014 at 1:24 am

    Perfect choice!! I advocate all the time that boys should be six before they start kindergarden. It will stand him in good stead all through his school years!! As a primary teacher, I found the boys who started school at age six were so much more ready to learn, even by third grade I could see the difference!!What fun to be just starting out with your school years and all the fun they will hold. Aren't you just thrilled to be parentng these two darling little people….and now to add one more to the mix–Good for you!!

  2. Paula on May 30, 2014 at 10:48 am

    Good for you! Do what is right for your family and your little man. I'm in a similar position making decisions for my daughter that don't quite fit the \”norm\” and I'm happy with them. Baby J is going to blossom!

  3. Unknown on June 7, 2014 at 4:37 am

    Baby J will do great in Pre-K. He will do so much better than expected. My Joseph had to start Kinder, pre-K was not an option because there was not one that would take him with his disability. Joseph started Kinder in November and my plans were to let him repeat Kinder. He is reading! Can you believe it. He is going to be in first grade next year.

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