School Mom Fails…

Some things happened this year… overall, I was a good school mom. I helped, I volunteered, when little M was supposed to bring snacks or party favors, I was all over it. One day, pajama day, we misread the flyer, and sent her in regular clothes, but I went right home and took her pajamas back to school for her, and all was forgiven. So, basically, as far as little M knows, it was a perfectly successful year.

My fails this year are pretty much all little M’s fault, thankfully there were only two major fails, but still…little M’s fault.

My first fail came from my baby girl mishearing/misunderstanding her PE teacher’s name. Little M came home the first week of school, and said that she loved Mr. Big Tie. He was funny, and he made up songs about cardio, and she loved PE. I thought the PE teacher had given himself the name Big Tie to be funny…make the kids laugh.
Well. No. His name is Mr. McTigh. MCTIGH! I have called him Mr. Big Tie at least once, maybe even twice. I found out last week what his name really is, so I have been so wrong all year…
Next year I will do better. Ha.

My second fail came on picture day in the Spring. It was the second picture day of the year, and our first picture day was a huge success. I had huge hopes for our second picture day…after all, this is the picture that goes in the yearbook, so for posterity’s sake, it has to be a good one. I even bought a super cute outfit for little M for the big day. When the big day arrived, I forgot it was the big day. I had the picture day outfit hanging on her closet door, but little M pulled a different outfit from her closet. It’s an outfit she loves, and having forgotten that it was picture day, I agreed that she could wear her chosen outfit. That evening I remembered that is was, indeed picture day. Sad.
She knew though. Little M knew, and she knew what outfit she wanted to wear. And when picture time came, she was beyond proud to show off… what can I say?

Next year, friends, next year is a new year.


  1. Musings from Kim K. on June 10, 2014 at 5:19 pm

    I love that she is wearing Star Wars for Picture Day! That's fantastic. Our littles certainly have their own stamp on life and it should be remembered in the year book too. Love this! PS. I may be contacting you about hearing aid care in the near future. Josie is only hearing out of her right ear.

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