Settling In…

I think we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that is jet lag! We all finally slept an entire night the past two nights, and we all know how a good night’s sleep can change your outlook on life…

The husband has been home all week, as well, to help get the kids settled in. I am sad that he goes back to work next week…I get all spoiled when he is home. We have taken walks to the park in the afternoon, and have been enjoying our little family of four. Also, I love how much little M loves to swing. Does a swing make you that happy??

He and little M are good friends so far, and baby J asks about jie jie (big sister), until she comes home from school. She is very sweet with him, and loves to make him laugh.

Baby J is slowly, but surely adjusting to our family… and we are working hard on attachment and bonding, which seems to be going very slowly right now.

At this point in little M’s adoption, she was quite anxiously attached, and stayed that way for the next nine months. Baby J shows no real signs of attachment at all, anxious or otherwise. Maybe it is just a boy/girl difference, or a personality difference, but his lack of anxious is making me a little anxious, ha.
He is showing some healthy signs of grieving, though, and it is hard to watch, but he does seem a little more at peace after a good cry.

Things are going much differently than I had expected with this adoption. Better, in so many ways, and we are much calmer this time around, but we expected harder in a way. Not that this is easy, but in many ways, it’s not as hard as we thought it would be… I keep waiting for a bomb to go off, an explosion of hardness… but it hasn’t happened this week. We’ve been keeping things so quiet and easy for our littles. Hopefully next week, when the doctor appointments start, we can still manage this!


  1. Brad and Lauren Holmes on April 26, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    We can not wait to spend some more time with your beautiful family of four! I remember when we had our second child, I was shocked by how different the second one was from the first one (and they are both girls)!!! 🙂 We are praying for you.

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