He is our baby J. But our little guy is no longer a baby!

He is all boy, all little man now…

He has grown taller, and leaner. We have to fight for every little pound he gains.

He lives large and loud, and he loves to laugh and have fun. He wants to be in charge and he wants to play all. of. the. time.

He loves his sisters, and he is so sweet with them. He wants a brother more than anything…

His favorite colors are red and green, but her also loves sparkles, and pretty things. He loves art and crafting, and is very good at coloring.

He is super orderly, and loves everything to be in it’s place, but he is also very sensory seeking, so he loves to be touching all the things and getting his hands up in some dirt.

He is very excited to be going to Kindergarten, and we have high hopes for him this year.

He loves tai kwon do, and looks adorable in his little uniform and boxing gloves.

He feels all the feelings, and feels them deeply. He is deeply loyal to the people he loves.

He is our six year old!

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