So Far…

Just when I’ve gotten used to having a kindergartner, it is at an end. Today, our girl is done with kindergarten, and will be a first grader…just writing it makes me a little sad. Doesn’t first grade sound so grown up?? I haven’t even had her for four years, how is she going into first grade?

It seems my little M is growing up right before my eyes…

She has grown taller and heavier. She’s grown 2 3/4 inches, and gained four (4!!) pounds since she first started school in the Fall. You guys. All this growing…it’s the opposite of staying little. Ugh.

She has grown in confidence, and in her language skills. At the beginning of the school year little M had trouble answering many questions, and she would not begin a task if she knew she couldn’t be perfect at it… Our girl can answer questions in depth now, and even though she still is very much a perfectionist, she will try new things, and do her best, but she no longer melts down if she can’t be perfect.

She has grown in her attachment. In the past year our girl has become good at eye contact, which was something we worked on intensely, and something we are relieved to have. Her trust has grown, and we can feel it…She has learned how to cuddle, and she has become a hugger. She will hug the people she loves facing them, without backing up to them. We will never take hugs and cuddles for granted, and we are thankful for every one we get.

She has grown into her role as a big sister. She has not only grown into this role, but she can’t wait to be big sister again soon. Our girl has gone from jealous, competitive, uncomfortable, and needy to a girl who is happy in her role. She is helpful, caring, and sweet. Of course she still gets annoyed, since baby J loves to annoy her, but she is a wonderful big sister and I am so proud of the sister she has become.

She has grown so much, in so many ways… sometimes just thinking about how far she has come in just three years, and how wonderfully amazing she is takes my breath away. She amazes me, and I am beyond proud to be momma to my amazing first grader.


  1. Renate on June 13, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    She is so beautiful. Love her hair and her smile. Can't believe she is already in first grade.

  2. Paula on June 14, 2014 at 4:12 am

    Beautiful – inside and out!!!

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