Something In Her Ear?

“Excuse me, Mackenzie’s mom, did you know that Mackenzie has something PURPLE in her EAR?”

We get a ton of comments and questions from adult strangers, but we have only gotten a handful of questions from other children.
I (mostly) don’t mind questions from other kids, because I feel like it comes from a more innocent place.

“Yes,” I replied. “That is her hearing aid.”
“She has a hearing aid?? Is she deaf?”
“Yes,” I said, “but with her hearing aid, she can hear us…isn’t that cool?”
“Yes.” She smiled at me, and ran back to play with little M.

Two minutes later she was back.
“Excuse me, Mackenzie’s mom? Does Mackenzie’s hearing aid hurt?”
I smiled and said “why don’t you ask Mackenzie” (even though I didn’t know if she would answer), and she smiled and ran back to little M.

She was back again a few minutes later…
“Mackenzie’s mom! She said it doesn’t hurt! What a relief!”

Haha…yes, what a relief. Even more of a relief is the fact that little M was able to carry on a conversation with this little girl! Yay!

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