Sometimes Not Happy…

Our little M is a happy little girl much of the time. You know, you’ve seen the pictures, she has a great smile, and laughs often. She is happy.

But August is hard for our girl. August is the month that little M’s life changed. And while our girl is still mostly happy…sometimes she is sad.

She has memories, very good memories, of China and the people who loved her there.
And she misses them.

And August is when she lost them, so August is hard on her.
She has been sad. She has cried because she misses her Nainai and her friends, and her China.
She has cried in her sleep every night for two weeks now…

So we talk…about China, about her Nainai, about her friends. We look at pictures, and we cry together.
We are sad, together, for her loss.

Then, she is happy again, and runs off to color.
She colors the same thing over and over again…Our family, the three of us, with umbrellas, in the rain.

And when she is sad again, we do it all over again. We cuddle, look at pictures, and talk.

Until she is happy again.


  1. Ruthie on August 22, 2012 at 12:42 am

    Beautiful words. I know how it is.

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