Spicy Hunan…

We have eaten at a restaurant close by our hotel several times this week. Our guide found it for us…Hunan province is known for it’s very spicy food. The husband enjoys (very) spicy food, and I don’t at all. So our guide found this restaurant that has things she thought I would enjoy, while also having things for the husband.

We have enjoyed this place and have tried lots of interesting things this week…like the pigeon with the face (which was not spicy, for me).

Today, the husband decided to try a fish. They call it a “big- head fish,” but I think it might be a bass.

I was slightly disturbed by the whole process.

He went in the back, and chose his fish…

Sanitary, huh?

They weighed that baby, and the husband came back out to wait…

And out it came, and of course, it still had it’s face…

I tried a bite (while trying to avoid looking into the “big head fish’s eyes), and it nearly killed me… all of those red and green bits chopped up on there are many many very hot peppers!


  1. ZoeB on April 11, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Maybe the Chinese think it's just as important to know \”Who\” you are eating as well as what you are eating !

  2. J Willis on April 11, 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Ok so I must confess your blog posts this week are helping my hubs and I pass the time easier waiting on our LSC to arrive – we are both enjoying taking a moment to read your latest China daily post 😉 Thank you for sharing the journey on your blog!

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