Storm Time…

We were expecting some crazy hurricane weather this past week…the worst of the storm missed us, but the pictures of the areas it did hit are devastating, and our thoughts and prayers are with those in the middle of the storm damage.

Our little family hunkered down together for a couple days, and spent time enjoying our little M, watching shows while we had power (which we ended up not losing), and charging everything with a battery.

We took some walks while it was calm out…

Our girl loves her some rain.

We played with blocks… Little M loves to build things,

And it’s always fun to see what she will come up with.

This day it was a spaceship…

She cracks me up.

We did copious crafts, and read lots of books.

Then little M had a genius idea…she asked if we could decorate some Christmas trees.
Yes, I know, Halloween hadn’t even happened yet. But it was so close, and so we did it.
And the girl was happy. And so was the mommy. The end.

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