Summer Fun…

There were too many crayons in this house… so many that they weren’t staying properly in their allotted organizational bin. So, on my to-do list was to go through, and get rid of the ones that were broken up, the bits, and pieces.

Little M was excited to help (she always is, precious thing), and we worked on it during a day last week when it was very hot out.

Little M said “I have a hypothesis…it is so hot out in the sun, that I think these crayons would even melt!”

I told her that we should test her hypothesis, so we did! I had some leftover mini muffin liners, and we put all the little bits and pieces in them, and little M took them out to sit in the sun…

They melted pretty quickly, and we brought them inside.

The next morning, the kids peeled the liners off, and were excited to color with their “new” crayons.

Little M said “my hypothesis was correct! And we are recycling, too!”

These have entertained my babies for hours over this past week…

Yay for Summer fun!


  1. Bev on June 30, 2014 at 3:32 am

    You are so clever, Little M! What fun!

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